Steak & Seafood Restaurant

Contact Information

233 Finley Ave. West
Birmingham, AL 35204

Phone: 205-252-5751
Fax: 205-252-8163

Business Hours:
Monday - Saturday
6 a.m.-9 p.m.

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    Birmingham's finest restaurant since 1957

    Please take a moment to check out our Seafood Menu, Steak Menu, and our Breakfast Menu. Be sure to stop by and see us for a home-cooked meal. We are sure you will find all of your favorites!

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    Birmingham's finest restaurant since 1957

    If the cafeteria line isn’t your style, we also have an a la carte menu where you’ll find even more fresh seafood, steaks and a few traditional Greek dishes.

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    Birmingham's finest restaurant since 1957

    Most folks who pass in front of the steam table at Niki’s West might be surprised to know that there was a lounge in the back of the place in the old days. And evidently, the lounge was where part of the expanded kitchen is today. If those walls could talk!